US preview for the Sony S1 and S2 Android tablets

Sony introduced last week its two new Android tablet during a press conference in the US. The final name of these tablets have not been confirmed yet and they’ve been referred to as the S1 and S2 tablets.


The S1 tablet is a 9.4-inch tablet and is its shape is designed like a folded magazine. This Honeycomb running Android tablet will only be available as a Wi-Fi model. At least that’s what Sony claims for now; so I guess that the S1 intent is more like an entertainment device for your home.

Sure enough, the S1 tablet offers DLNA compatibility with your TV and includes a built-in Infra-red transmitter. This IR transmitter allows you to use your S1 tablet like a giant universal remote, just like the Vizio tablet.


The Sony S2 tablet is a clamshell like Android tablet. The S2 features two 5.5-inch touchscreens and will also run on Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The Sony S2 tablet will be released as a 4G HSPA+ tablet exclusively in partnership with AT&T in the US. The S2 tablet will also offer DLNA compatibility. The dual-screen allows you to use it as a Portable PlayStation. Controls and gamepad will be displayed on the bottom screen, action will happen on the top screen. The S2 is a Certified Sony PlayStation device and will feature Crash Bandicoot at release time this fall.

Pricing and exact release date have to be determined. With the release of the S1 and S2 tablet, Sony is joining other players in the Android tablet race. But is it too late? Note that new quad-core tablets and possibly Apple’s iPad 3 maybe around the corner. Game over?

[Via sonyelectronics]

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