Toshiba first Android tablet – Thrive available in the United States

Toshiba released this week-end in the United States its first Android tablet the Thrive.

The Thrive is available in three different versions based on storage capacity, the 8GB version costs $429, the 16GB costs $479 and the 32GB version costs $579.


The 10.1-inch dual-core tablet is actually a very good tablet according to early reviews. The Toshiba Thrive is probably one of the thickest tablet on the market, but is also one of the very few tablet to be able to offer full size HDMI and USB connection. No micro size ports, just the real deal. That’s a very nice feature, and in terms of overall performance, the Thrive is performing very well thanks to its dual-core processors and the 1GB of memory.

Finally, another plus for the Thrive is the ability to swap battery in case your tablet runs out of power. To my knowledge, no other tablet allow for spare battery that you can change and for that the Thrive deserves your attention. Aesthetically, if you don’t mind a thicker than average tablet, than the Toshiba Thrive can be a good option for you.

I mean, aren’t we all different anyways?

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Toshiba Tablet Thrive to be available July 10 in the US and August in Canada