Toughest Android tablet joining Panasonic Toughbook line-up

Panasonic is renowned for its Toughbook products. With all the hype surrounding tablets, Panasonic had to produce an Android Toughbook tablet.

The Panasonic Toughbook tablet will be the world first ruggedized Android tablet. Not much detail is available regarding this tablet, asides from the fact that it’ll be a 10.1-inch tablet. The screen will be matte, non-glossy so that outdoor users could see under daylight.


The OS will be Android, but no details have been released regarding which version it will run. The touchscreen will be compatible with a stylus so that sales people could take note on it for example. The Panasonic Toughbook tablet will include GPS and even 3G/ 4G.

According to Panasonic, the ruggedized tablet is perfect for field workers, such as geologists, doctors or just clumsy people.
Regardless, the Panasonic Toughbook tablet is not scheduled to be release until the end of the year; but if you really want a tough Android you can always have a look at the toughest Android smartphone from Casio – the G’zone Commando or even the Motorola Titanium from Sprint.