Google Android welcoming 500,000 new users daily worldwide

Google Android chief officer Andy Rubin tweeted that the number of Android powered devices activated daily has reached 500,000 units worldwide. That’s a lot of new Android users everyday.

This comes almost 6 months after it was reported that Android powered devices have reached 300,000 units activation daily worldwide.

Here’s the quote from Andy Rubin,
Just last month during the annual developer conference Google I/O, Google reported that 400,000 Android devices were being activated daily and now this number has reached 500,000.

This is surely not the end as Android manufacturers produce better and more affordable Android devices, this number will surely continue to increase everyday. As reported previously by Gartner, the Android operating system will surely account for at least 50% of the OS available by 2012.

At this pace, this will surely happen even faster than we think.

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