Sprint introducing bloatware removal option starting with HTC Evo 3D

Android being an open source operating system gets a lot of add-on. First by the manufacturers, with their own User Interface (UI) such as the Sense from HTC. Second by the Wireless carrier who install bloatware on the device they sell. This bloatware is usually pre-installed apps from which the wireless carrier can get an extra source of revenue.

htc-evo-3d bloatware free

But this is all going to change. In an unprecedented move by Sprint, and starting with the HTC Evo 3D, users will have the possibility to remove bloatware from their phone. That’s right, you will now be able to remove the unnecessary pre-installed software from your phone. This could free memory space, unclutter your Android desktop, all this thanks to Sprint Wireless who took the time to listen to its customers and giving them what they want. Bloatware free devices. Nice.

Sprint will start this practice with the HTC EVO 3D and will expand this to other devices as they come. You can remove any pre-installed apps except the Sprint ID. You won’t have a stock android, but at least users will have the choice to keep what bloatware they really find necessary.

This move follows Virgin Mobile who decided to sell only stock Android, no more UI on the Virgin Android devices. Now if other carriers could follow these two, life would be awesome.

Hopefully I wish that more companies will start listening to their customers, or should I keep dreaming?

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