Nexus One to be available on AT&T?


Google may have new plans for its flagship cellphone Nexus One by HTC. Currently the Nexus One is only available on T-Mobile’s network. Unlocked version available directly from Google’s website can be used on any networks, with slower data connections and no 3G support.

Tech site Engadget found Federal Communications Commission fillings for what seems to be a new version of the Nexus One that would have 3G and supports WCDMA Bands I, II, and V . ie. AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Telus and other European Carriers.

Earlier last week, Walmart Wireless division associate LetsTalk, mistakenly advertised Nexus One on their website. The ad was quickly removed as it appears to be a mistake, Walmart has no intention to sell Nexus One, at least for now claims a representative.

In any case, Google seems to be working on many different promotional plans for its first Android device. More news to follow in the near future.

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