3G and multi-touch finally available on Nexus One

nexus one update

Nexus One has been available for almost a month today, and Google finally fulfilled two very important requests made by consumers – multitouch and 3G.

Multitouch allows users to pinch to zoom webpages, Google’s maps, pictures and other applications. This feature available on other phones already, has costed Google lots of criticism by many consumers for not incorporating this technology when initially launching Nexus One. Apparently, copyright and exclusive agreements by some cellphone companies were behind this issue. Nonetheless, Nexus One is multitouch ready and that’s an awesome function.

3G connectivity has been corrected, and users experiencing poor connections should be able to enjoy their device to its fullest.

Among other updates included in this version is version 3.4 of Google maps, which allow you to sync your data with your device.

Nexus One users will receive a notification as to when these updates will be ready to install. These updates will take place over the air.

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