Archos introducing affordable tablet – Archos 7c home tablet

Thanks to Apple’s Ipad, tablets are everywhere now, and everyone wants a piece of this new emerging market.

Archos just released the specifications of its upcoming Android tablet – Archos 7c home tablet. This tablet is a budget tablet, so don’t expect the specs of the Motorola Xoom or the Galaxy tab.

Archos 7c home tablet

This 7 inch touch screen will run Google Android 2.1 Eclair. Its a bit disappointing, but coming from a major brand such as Archos, we can still hope that eventually there will be an update to Android 3.0 Honeycomb.
Regardless, loaded with 8 GB of ROM, this tablet will run a Cortex A8 processor and will be able to display 720p HD videos. WiFi will be available but note that no Bluetooth is available with this version.

All in all, this tablet will be able to run all Android applications, act as a multimedia center, and to some extent replace your personal desktop. Retailing at a price of $219.99, you cant expect too much when compared to other tablets that sells for more than twice the price; but it looks nice and should work pretty well.
The Archos 7c home tablet is set to reach the US market this coming week.

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Archos 7c home tablet