Nokia which way to go? Should it run Windows, Android or Symbian OS?

Since its last global success in 2006 with the release of the Nokia N95, Nokia has seen its shares fall yearly. First with the release of the Iphone in 2007, and now more and more with the continuous momentum Google’s Android is gaining with its popular OS; Symbian’s OS for Nokia is loosing ground.

Sure Nokia has also MeeGo, but yet, nothing compares to the new OS’s from Iphone, Android and Research In Motion.
Google’s executive have approached the giant finland based company and hope that they will make an Android move.
Just like Motorola whose market shares where being grudged by RIM and Iphone, the Android and Motorola alliance has been a great one so far.

But then there’s also Windows Mobile 7. Microsoft latest redesigned mobile OS is also looking for a Nokia Windows partnership that could be beneficial for both companies. Microsoft Windows mobile is expecting a lot from its new Windows Mobile 7, and a partnership with Nokia, once leader in the phone industry could only give a great push for both companies.

So who would it be? The answer should come in early 2011 as investors are eager to regain some market shares.

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