WikiLeaks apps on Android

WikiLeaks is a very sensitive subject these days, and the removal of an app by Apple from its Itunes store just shows how delicate the matter is.
For example, the application WikiLeaks App made by Igor Barinov and offered for $1.99, was only available in Apple’s Itunes Store for three days before it was removed.
Apple claims in a statement: “We removed the WikiLeaks App from the App Store because it violated our developer guidelines, Apps must comply with all local laws and may not put an individual or targeted group in harm’s way.”

Apple is not the first company to have cut its ties with WikiLeaks; Amazon, Bank of America and MasterCard, have stopped doing business as well. As a consequence, MasterCards website has been under attack by WikiLeaks activists. Could Apple be a target too? Possibly, but the removal of apps from Apples Itunes store just shows how much harder it is for developer to develop under Apple’s Terms.

Meanwhile, the AndroidMarket still has a few free and paid WikiLeaks applications. These apps makes it easier to access the confidential U.S. government documents WikiLeaks had released on its website founded by Julian Assange.

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