Sony Xperia X10 due february


Sony Ericsson’s first android device maybe available as soon as february 19th according to online retailer Play. Price should be 499£ available only in the U.K at first.

Current Android OS on this device seems to be Android version 1.6, however it should hopefully get an upgrade to Android 2.1 or at least Android 2.0 before its official release.

This first Sony Ericsson handset running Android, Xperia X10, comes with a 4-inch touchscreen display, an 8 megapixel camera, Snapdragon 1Ghz processor, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, accelerometer, an 8GB memory (expandable to 16GB).

Still waiting official announcement by Sony Ericsson, but at least we’re getting closer to a release date.

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