Android Pocket TV from Infinitec running ICS

Android devices are everywhere. Not only in your smartphone and tablet, but also on your watch, your computer, your car and now your TV.

Start-up company Infinitec created a thumb-sized Pocket TV that plugs-in directly to your TV thanks to it’s male HDMI connector. The 3.3 inch HDMI dongle was funded thanks to Kickstarter allowing sufficient funds for Infinitec to start the project.


The Pocket TV from Infinitec will be running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and will be powered by a 1GHz ARM Cortex processor. It will have 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM storage.
Despite it’s small size, the Pocket TV will come ready for entertainment as it can handle 1080p video as well as games.

Add to this connection ports such as USB, microSD, WiFi and infra-red ports and you’ve got yourself a neat dongle size computer that you plug in directly to your TV.

So how do you control the pocket TV? The best way would be via one of the two remote controls available as accessories. The first one is a regular IR remote control. The second one, is a more high-tech remote control which comes with a QWERTY keyboard and gyroscopic sensor on it.

But how much will this cost? If you support Infinitec via Kickstarter, it’ll cost you 110$. Otherwise, the regular price for the Pocket TV will be around $160.

Is that too much when we compare that to the ultra affordable computers such as the VIA APC Which is available for only 49$? I would believe that it’s all a matter of how you intend to use them. The Infinitec Pocket TV has been designed for your TV, whereas the VIA APC was not. So it’s really all up to you and your wallet. But after seeing the preview of how the Infinitec Pocket TV works, I would definitely try to get one. Have you seen how well it works in combination with the air remote? One word, amazing. Yep, now that’s awesome. Way to go guys.

[Via Kickstarter]