HP releasing Android kernel to CyanogenMod team

HP’s TouchPad. Since it’s launch last summer, the TouchPad story is like a soap opera. First the price drop, at $99, it became the cheapest tablet available on the market. Then, there were rumors that some HP TouchPad tablet were running Android OS natively. And today, despite HP’s denial of an Android version of its tablet, HP is releasing its TouchPad Android kernel to the CyanogenMod team.


Why? Well it became apparent to the CyanogenMod team that HP has been working on an Android version of the TouchPad, and that it should under the General Public License (GPL – or open source) release the source code. As a goodwill gesture, HP just released the kernel to the CyanogenMod team.

With this, the CyanogenMod team should make tremendous progress and hopefully we’ll have a stable TouchPad tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich. We’ll see, in the meantime, thank you HP, thank you CyanogenMod for working so hard at it!

[Via rootzwiki]