Full Ikea catalog available on Android Market.

A new app is available on the Android Market, the Ikea app for Android. So instead of flipping back and forth throughout the catalog page, you can browse directly from the palm of your hand.

The Ikea app will take some space on your smartphone, the app not being available to run from SD memory card. With the app on your Android phone, you can browse through about 4,000 pictures and 2,000 products. The app will let you do all you can do on the paper version of the catalog. The only difference is the search function where you can easily find the product you want just by typing it.


Remember, you can even bookmark your e-catalog, so next time you go shopping you won’t forget about it. The app is available worldwide but Ikea is rolling it out in phases in different countries all around the world.

Now that’s intense shopping with the Ikea catalog app on one hand. And you? Would you rather flip through the paper version?

[Via Android Market]