Apple suing Motorola for copying Apple’s iPad 2 with the Motorola Xoom

This is crazy, Motorola is being sued by Apple in Germany over patent design infringements for its Xoom Android tablet. That’s right, after this weeks ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe as a result of a dispute between Samsung and Apple, it is now Motorola’s turn to be under the spotlight.


Note that Motorola sued Apple in the first place for patent-infringement. Apple is suing back Motorola for “copying” the iPad’s design with the Motorola Xoom tablet.

In this case, its hard to say what will happen to the Motorola Xoom. Will it get banned too? Analyst are studying Apple’s complaint and are not sure wether’s Apple’s iPad design copy is still receivable as the device has been available on the market for so long now.

All I know is that unfortunately, the Android world is full of lawsuits due to copyright infringement. I find this terrible, banning a product from certain countries, regions.

How about you? Has one of your Android tablet been delayed or banned due to the recent Apple’s and others lawsuits?

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