Google’s Samsung Nexus S now available on AT&T for $99

The Google Nexus S, is now available on AT&T’s networks. Eventhought this Android phone was available earlier this year from T-Mobile and Sprint, this phone is still an excellent choice.

It is one of the rare phone that have an NFC chip for Google’s wallet program for example. This 4-inch touchscreen phone has a 1GHz processor and dual-cameras for video-conferences.

Google-Nexus-S nfc

You can grab one unlocked version from Best Buy for $99 with a two-year contract or directly from AT&T for the same low price.

The Google Nexus S is also one of the very few stock Android phone available on the Market. Stock Android phone are not overloaded with bloatware or manufacturers UI’s. They come clean with nothing else than the Android OS from Google. All device should be like that, unfortunately manufacturers do not see it this way. UI and bloatware are a good source of potential revenues, no wonder manufacturers and carriers are not getting rid of them. Oh well, there’s always the rooting option for Android.

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