Cisco introducing Cius Android tablet for business use only

Cisco Systems Inc is preparing to enter the Android tablet market but from an enterprise point of view with the Cius tablet computer.

The Cius is a 7-inch tablet running Android 2.2 Froyo that integrates text, voice, and video calls all in one for the business world. That’s right, for the moment, Cisco plans to retail the Cius only to businesses. Despite the older Android version, Cisco claims that an upgrade to the latest Android version should eventually be available.

The Cisco Cius comes with a base station on which you will find the usual phone handset. When clipped to this station, the Cius tablet can offer video conference calls directly from its 7-inch screen.
The Wi-Fi version only of the Cisco Cius will be available first, followed by the 3G and 4G later this year or early next year.

cisco-cius-dock wi-fi

The Cius will have its own application ecosystem the AppHQ. Developers will be able to develop and use Android apps from the Android market or develop their own in-house apps.

The Cisco Cius Wi-Fi will be available in the USA through Verizon and AT&T as well as through Telstra in Australia starting from July 31st. Wireless carriers are still discussing the 3G/4G version with Cisco, version which should become available at the end of the year. The Cisco Cius should retail for around $750.

The only concern companies may have with the use of the Android OS, is regarding security. According to Cisco, this is not an issue since Cisco has put its own software on it too. So all should be good.

I actually wish this tablet could be available to the general public, I mean wouldn’t it be nice sometimes to see who you’re talking too?

Cisco Cius