Trojan malware GGTracker sending Premium SMS from your account

It seems like there can’t be a week without Android malware popping around. Plankton, DroidKungFu, Droiddream, every week there is a new malware announced. This weeks malware, GGTracker, is a pretty malicious one, found by the people at Lookout, the same people Sprint just teamed up with to protect the Android device they sell.


The GG Tracker, comes from a malicious ad on which the user may clicked on. The ad redirects you to a fake look alike Android Market asking you to download and install an app. Two reported apps are reported as trojans

in one case, a fake battery optimizer packaged as, and in another a porn app packaged as

If installed, the GGTracker will be enabled and will register the user to premium SMS services in the United States without the users consent nor knowledge. These SMS services could cost the user up to $9.99 per SMS.

The trojan GGTracker is not found in the Android Market. But as a safety precaution, you should always browse trusted sites and have a mobile anti-virus such as Lookout installed on your smartphone.


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