After the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, here comes the HTC One Mini.

As device tends to get bigger and bigger nearing phablet sizes, smartphone manufacturers are producing smaller version of their flagship devices such as Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

HTC also introduced it’s smaller version of it’s flagship device, the HTC One Mini. The One Mini which hovers at 4.3 inch is 0.4 inch smaller than its big brother. This size difference makes it up for one hand use and is probably the size most of us are accustomed to, for that is a great point.

However, the biggest pet peeve with those mini devices, as with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, is that the hardware takes a hit. Arguably so, since packing the same great feature of a larger phone onto a smaller frame is nearly impossible, at least if the idea of a mini device is to cut cost down to make it available to the masses.


For instance, the HTC One Mini, thought very similar in shape to the HTC One, will be missing the IR blaster, rendering TV operation from your device impossible. The One Mini will also have 16GB as opposed to 32GB with the One and it apparently won’t have a microSD port. The latter if true, is a big blow as I personally believe these microSD port to be very useful for data transfer or storage. The Mini screen will also be downgraded to a 720p screen. The processor will be down to a dual-core 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor with 1GB of RAM.
All this is to say that when manufacturers mention the term mini, it also means lower specs, hopefully the price will be mini too, but that’s another story. For now, the HTC One Mini is set to roll out globally in September. Hopefully, the trim down won’t be too bad.

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