Bloatware free Samsung Galaxy S4 coming up this summer straight from Google

Ever dreamed of experiencing a pure Google Android experience on a Samsung Galaxy device? Aside from rooting your device with CyanogenMod, there wasn’t any other possible way until today’s Google I/O conference.

From now on, or more starting this summer, you will be able to enjoy pure Google experience on a Samsung Galaxy S4 straight from Google. This means no more Samsung TouchWiz UI on your Galaxy S4. Not that it is bad, but generally, manufacturers UI tend to slow down devices due to additional bloatware.


The price to pay? 649$. Expensive you think? Yes and no. Comparing to the cost of a phone on a 3 year contract then yes, but this is the price to pay for freedom, no contract. Plus you get one awesome phone that is free of bloatware.

What I’d love to see is how much of a difference it makes to have a pure S4 versus a manufacturer S4. I’d love to see test bench for those and see how much a skin UI and bloatware affects the overall performance of a phone. I’m sure there’ll be some interesting surprises.

What do you think?

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