Announcement: August 2020 Security Patch Released

The official rollout of the August 2020 security patch has commenced for various devices. As anticipated, this update primarily focuses on routine bug fixes, typical for monthly releases. Notably, there aren’t any noteworthy additions in terms of new Pixel features.

The commencement of a new month is eagerly awaited by many, particularly in the Android community, as it heralds the arrival of a fresh security patch from Google. These patches are instrumental in maintaining the security and relevance of devices, underscoring their significance despite lacking excitement.

This month’s update follows the usual pattern, encompassing framework, media framework, and system fixes. Both MediaTek and Qualcomm components receive their standard updates, adhering to the expected routine.

While Google occasionally introduces Pixel-specific enhancements through these monthly patches, such developments are absent in the current release. Any forthcoming software innovations from Google are likely reserved for the Pixel 5, anticipated later this year.

[Via Android Market]

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