HTC One source code now available!

After providing a special developers edition of its upcoming HTC One Android phone this week, HTC is coming back with more – the source code for it’s flagship phone HTC One.

What does that means? It means that developers now have no time to relax. The HTC One for developers is sold out and should start shipping April 19. With the source code available, developers can now create custom ROMs and personalize HTC software before most consumers get theirs hands on it.


Despite the fact that the source code made available is geared towards Vodafone UK and France running Android 4.1, I’m sure developers will have no problem to create new apps and functionalities to other HTC One versions.

The source code can be found on the HTC Dev team website along with another newly added ROM for the HTC Droid DNA (Verizon).

Hopefully HTC’s upcoming flagship phone will be a hit as HTC’s financial statement this year are taking a hit. From the way things are going now regarding the HTC One, it looks like things are going to be better from now on. After all, the HTC One is indeed an excellent phone.