OUYA coming to a store near you!

OUYA is coming real soon. The Kickstarter crowd funded video game company is preparing to launch its Android gaming console this summer with physical retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Gamestop to offer the console in store. Add to this list Amazon, and you have the greatest product launch from a crowd sourced company.

All this started a year ago when Julie Uhrman was able to raise an impressive $8.5 million via a Kickstarter campaign. The result, an open source console available to all, from developers to consumers at a very affordable price.

Pricing will be $99 for the console regardless where you purchase it, and $50 for the controller. So far, pre-orders have reached 68,000 units and OUYA is working hard on it to deliver their first console on due time.


Not only is OUYA open source, but OUYA also has been able to sign off some exclusive games for its Android based console. An exciting exclusive title, would be Final Fantasy 3 from Square Enix. Developers for the OUYA console come from a broad range of horizon, from the small independent players to the big boxes. In all, there will be over 200 game titles available at launch.

Despite the fact that Sony and Xbox are preparing to release a new console this year, Uhrman remains confident that OUYA will be a success as its not targeting the same market. One thing is sure, OUYA sure is attractive with such a low price and with most games available for free. I would say, get ready for a battle of the video games ahead.

[Picture credit: OUYA]

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