Is your cellphone really safe?

Have you ever wondered how much radiation your phone emits? Well, thanks to tawkon or ‘talk on’, now you can.

The Android based app measures the level of radiation emitted by your phone while in use. It does so by collecting data such as how far you’re from the cell phone tower, what network band you’re running on, what antenna your phone has, how hard your phone has to work to get a signal, how long you talk and many other variables. With all this data, tawkon calculates with its patent pending technology the radiation level you’re being exposed to.

tawkon measure radiation levels

If it determines that the radiation levels you are being exposed to are to high, it will make recommendations on how to reduce them. You can even share your results with other users and compare how “good” you are doing.

Despite the facts that studies regarding cellphone radiation have been in works for years, nothing conclusive has never been drawn from them. So should we really be scared of radiation levels? I guess that its better to be safe than sorry, so why not? After all, the tawkon app has also been validated by an FCC certified lab. And even if all cellphones on the market have been approved by the FCC, the less radiation we can get, the better off we should be.

For the moment, the tawkon app is available for free in the Google Play store. Apple declined the app last year, but the older app version for iOS is available for jailbroken devices. According to tawkon, a BlackBerry app and Windows Mobile app may be available in the future.

[Via Google Play]