Google working on Android glasses?

After the famous blue and red 3D glasses, get ready for some serious designers glasses by Google. Stylish not sure yet, techie? Definitely. Google is reportedly working on some Android based glasses according to some Google employees.

The Android glasses will be the equivalent of a smartphone and therefore priced accordingly ranging from $250 to $600. But what is it exactly? According to those same sources, the Google glasses will incorporate a small screen from where information regarding your location or what’s/ who’s nearby will be displayed in augmented reality. Pretty neat.

Controlling the device will be from head tilting and noding. In addition of various sensors to record all these movements, the Google Android glasses will come with a built in camera that can record anything you see and relay information to the cloud via the glasses 3G/ 4G data connection.


Seems like an awesome device, but get ready for some heated debate as some will find the camera a violation of one’s privacy. And if that doesn’t bother anyone, some people will probably get some major headaches for wearing the device for too long. But for some reasons, I can’t wait for the device to come out at the end of the year.
It maybe due to the geek inside me.