HP’s webOS going open source. Coming to an Android device near you.

HP just announced that they are planning to make webOS an open source OS. webOS is the OS that most people who got a discounted HP TouchPad tablet during last fall’s firesale are trying to get rid of.


With a price tag of only $99 and $150 for a 16GB and 32GB TouchPad tablet, the HP tablet was an awesome deal not to be missed. Thanks to the CyanogenMod team, the TouchPad can almost run Android OS perfectly and that is awesome. The only thing now, is that some people who got their hands on the defunct tablet actually like HP’s webOS. I for myself must admit that it wasn’t such a bad OS after all, its just lacking apps. With this in mind, should HP really make their OS open source, they now have a really solid user base after liquidating all their TouchPads. Add to this Android fans eager to load webOS on their device and they’re back in business. Well sort of. But why would anyone not want the Android OS on their device? One main reason would be fragementation of the Android eco-system. Hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich will resolve all these issues.

Pretty ironic how HP’s webOS could make a comeback on an Android device.