Android build from CyanogenMod available for HP TouchPad

After more than a month of hard work, the CyanogenMod team released an Alpha version of CyanogenMod 7.1 for HP’s TouchPad. Like they say, it is just an Alpha build so expect some things not to work.

At least it will work better than the Android app on the TouchPad that was released by a Chinese hacker a few weeks ago. So far, feedbacks for this Alpha version has been very positive. Most things work, but there’s still room for improvement and the Android Market does not work very well for now.


As they say, the installation of this Alpha build is not very user friendly yet. If you’re brave enough, you can follow the video below, but do so at your own risks!

If you can, just wait a little bit more, I’m sure the final version should be coming out soon! After all this time we waited, we can still wait a bit more, can’t we?

[Via CyanogenMod]
[Installation instructions Via Tabletsupportforum]

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