CyanogenMod getting Wi-Fi working on HP TouchPad running Android

The Cyanogenmod team is working hard on the HP TouchPad. Up to now, they have been able to resolve Wi-Fi issues, and have added accelerometer functionality and audio. On top of that, the Cyanogenmod team have been able to get the Android Market working partially.


As this is a work in progress, the Cyanogenmod is still working very hard to port Android 2.3 Gingerbread to the HP TouchPad. Their next step after all this? Get Android Ice Cream Sandwich on it. But that’s another story for now…

In the meantime, best of luck with the rest of the mod, which includes, Gyrometer, bluetooth and camera among other things. As usual, a big thank you to the Cyanogenmod team for their great work and dedication!

[Via rootzwiki]