Baidu introducing own mobile OS based on Google’s Android – Baidu Yi

Google’s Chinese counterpart, Baidu is getting serious about mobile OS.

During its annual Baidu World event in Beijing, the Chinese search engine is planning to create it’s own mobile OS based on Google’s Android operating systemBaidu Yi.


This Android version will be stripped out of Google’s services. Everything will be replaced by Baidu’s own services, from search engine to maps to Baidu’s own app store.
Furthermore, Baidu’s mobile OS Yi will also compete against Apple’s iOS with applications such as a music player and ebook reader.

Baidu did not disclose which version of Google’s android OS it will use to create its mobile OS Yi.

China has the world biggest mobile market and it is only natural to see many new player trying to get a part of this mobile market. Apple, Google, Alibaba and now Baidu are among those players.

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