Amazon Kindle ready to launch this fall for only $250.

According to TechCrunch, the Amazon Android tablet is ready to come out. But what is most interesting about all this is the price. The Amazon Kindle is rumored to retail for only $250.

This Android tablet will feature a 7-inch touchscreen with 6GB of data storage and Wi-Fi compatibility. The Amazon Kindle will run a customized Google’s Android OS. The tablet will be deeply integrated with Amazon’s App store with no mention at all about the Android Market.

At this price, Amazon has a chance to take a bite of Apple’s share in the tablet market. To this day, no manufacturer have successfully, been a real threat to Apple’s dominant iPad2. Besides the HP TouchPad frenzy, no Android tablet have created as much interest as the Amazon Kindle is right now.

Are analysts estimates correct? According to them, Amazon should be able to sell around 5 million tablets by year end. That’s an awful lot of tablet in a really short amount of time, since the tablet is due this October/ November. Price will definitely be a key factor in this, at $99 like the TouchPad, it is definitely possible…

[Via TechCrunch]