Dual-core Android MIUI device available from China’s Xiao Mi

Chinese company Xiao Mi unveiled its first Android based MIUI smartphone. The MIUI ROM is a customised Chinese version of Android 2.3.4. The design the MIUI interface bring closely resembles Apple’s iOS or even Samsung’s TouchWiz design.


With the MI-One, Xiao Mi is exposing itself as a serious phone manufacturer. Featuring a 4-inch touchscreen, the MI-One will be running on a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, and will have 1GB of RAM and 4GB of ROM. But the good part is the price. Selling for only RMB 1999 (USD $310), the MI-One is cheaper than the iPhone 4 and upcoming iPhone 5.

Even with these pretty decent specs, it’ll be hard for the MI-One to compete against the almighty iPhone 5 coming out this fall as well. The Xiao Mi MI-One is available for order on August 29 and will be available in October.

[Via MIUI]