Smallest device running Android, WIMM’s watch concept

Former Intel executive Dave Mooring is bringing a new innovative idea to Android users in the form of wearable devices. The WIMM Wearable Platform is an Android based platform of the size of a watch.

The 1-inch touchscreen display can have multiple usage in our everyday life from a common watch to a bike computer, health monitor to whatever you can imagine. And that is what CEO Dave Mooring wants us to do, WIMM will provide the hardware and some basic apps, and interested companies will develop software applications for it. Having Android as a base will help developers create innovative product.


With functionalities including GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, vibrator, speaker and memory of up to 32GB via microSD, its hard not to find a useful application to develop for this little marvel. The touchscreen of the WIMM device, features a unique eco-battery saving design. The touchscreen features two-mode, an active for applications viewing and a passive mode for time display.

The WIMM device is tiny in terms of touchscreen product, and WIMM knows it, their goal is not to make you type anything on it, but rather keep you up to date all day long with your phone calls, emails, Facebook status, weather status and even pay for your Starbucks coffee.

The possibilities with this device are endless and its success will largely depend on software developers creativity.

Do you have any good idea for it? Would you ever use such a product?

[Via WIMM Labs press release]

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