Google acquiring 1000 IBM patents, Android war just getting started?

So here’s the deal, Google just bought over 1000 patents from IBM for an undisclosed amount last month. This move by the Moutain View giant follows last month loss of Nortel’s patents to an Apple led consortium.

Basically, things are starting to look like this, company x buys patents and sues company Y. Company Y buys patents and counter sues company X. In terms of innovation, neither companies are making the right move. Hopefully its not going to be like this but that’s how things are starting to look.


No one knows exactly what Google is planning to do with its new patents from IBM, most likely they’re trying to cover their back after all the lawsuits its Android OS is facing.

Here’s a statement from Google to the LA Times,

Like many tech companies, at times we’ll acquire patents that are relevant to our business

So far Android manufacturers are being sued from everyone, Microsoft with HTC, Apple with Samsung, Oracle with Google, everyone wants a share of the money pie Google created with its “free” Android OS.

How’s all this going to end? No one knows, I’m just hoping that technology will prevail other all these lawsuits. Google has urged the US Federal Trade Commission to step in this lawsuit fiasco and to prevent such practice from happening.

As usual, money is the root of all evil, even in the tech world.

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