Swiftkey X changing the way you type on Android smartphones and tablets

Looking for an alternative keyboard on your Android device? Have a look at one of the best keyboard app available for Android smartphone and for Android tablets – Swiftkey X and Swiftkey Tablet X.

Swiftkey x tablet

The app stands out from others, thanks to its predictive word engine. As you type, Swiftkey X will suggest you possible words in a prediction just above the keyboard. The prediction word engine is pretty accurate as the Swiftkey software will initially scan your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook accounts when installing the app. This preliminary scanning allows Swiftkey X to learn more about your typing habits to predict words you frequently use.

As part of this new version is the ability to support up to 3 languages for word prediction. So if you’re multilingual, Switkey X will be able to help you type in one of the 22 languages the app supports.

The newest member of the Swiftkey application app is SwiftKey Tablet X. This version of the Swiftkey app has been optimized for larger screens that tablets offer. The Swiftkey tablet X will display a split keyboard when in landscape mode. All other features are the same as the smartphone version of the Switkey X app.

Both apps are available on the Android Market at a discounted price of $1.99. After the promotion, the Swiftkey X app for smartphone will retail for $3.99 and the Swiftkey Tablet X will retail for $4.99.

[Via Android Market]

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