PayPal demonstrating NFC payment on Samsung Nexus S

PayPal unveiled during a press conference in San Francisco a demonstration of their NFC app for Android devices. Featuring the Samsung Nexus S with NFC chip, the PayPal apps will work on any NFC enabled devices.


All you have to do is launch your app, initiate the transaction and bring the two phones together. A vibration will then occur meaning the transaction can proceed. All you have to do is enter your pin and voila, money is transferred from one account to another just like that.

PayPal is ahead of the pack with this NFC app for Android devices. More and more devices are going to include NFC chips, such as the Korean version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Are you ready to do your next transaction via NFC from your phone? Just beware of malware though, they’re everywhere.

[Via PayPal Blog]

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