Samsung sold 3 million Galaxy S2 units worldwide (excluding US & Canada)

Samsung has reached a huge milestone, more than 3 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S2 have been sold in the world since its debut 55 days ago. As a reminder, the previous Samsung Galaxy S reached this milestone 85 days after launch.

But let me correct this, when we say in the world we mean everywhere except the US and Canada. That’s right, the huge market that the USA is, has still not been exploited by Samsung yet.


No official news are available for the release date in the US of the Samsung Galaxy S2. All we know is that US carriers will all rename the Samsung Galaxy S2 to something else. Sprint Wireless is rumored to launch the device by the end of the month under the name Galaxy Within. As for AT&T it will be the Galaxy Attain, and for Verizon it will be the Galaxy function. No formal date has been issued by either carriers.

Canadians may enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S2 within the next two weeks as Bell, SaskTel and Virgin Mobile are preparing to launch the device on July 14.

Samsung is stating that a Galaxy S2 device is sold every 1.5 seconds since it was launched last April. Samsung is hoping to reach 10 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S2 on the market. With the US release to come, this could be possible. The introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S2 surely boosted Samsung’s Android share among other manufacturers.

And if its true that Samsung is working to release on a boosted Samsung Galaxy S2, the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus, that will definitely increase sales even more.

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