Bell to launch Samsung Galaxy S2 July 14 in Canada

[UPDATE]: Samsung Galaxy S2 launch delayed in Canada to July 21st

After Sasktel’s tweet about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in Canada, we have a formal leak from the folks at techfibe.

In a picture from techfibe, you can see the release date of the Samsung Galaxy S2 to be July 14 for Bell. Speculation that Bell would carry the device were made as soon as Sasktel tweeted about the phone since they share cell towers.

Samsung-Galaxy-S2-techfibe canada

At least we now have one official date from one major wireless carrier in Canada. News regarding Rogers and Telus availability have yet to be determined should they carry the phone. Most likely impossible that either one of these company would pass on the Samsung Galaxy S2. After all, its the Android phone of the year so far.

Rejoice Canada, the Galaxy S2 is getting closer.

Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy S II Landing On Bell July 14th