GetJar exclusive deal to distribute free version of Cut The Rope

GetJar just beat the Amazon Appstore for the exclusive distribution of the Android version of popular game “Cut The Rope“.

Zeptolab teamed up with the GetJar application store to release a free version of “Cut The Rope”. The Android version is free but ad-supported.


“Cut The Rope” is already extremely popular on Apple’s Iphone and its debut on Android could only please Android fans. The object of the game is to feed your little green pet friend a series of candies by cutting ropes. Sounds easy? Beware of spiders, spikes and make sure not to lose your candy in the process or else, you’ll have to start over again.

Note that GetJar is the original application store that provided the world with the successful “Angry Birds” game.

Here’s a sneak peak of “Cut The Rope”, just get your copy on GetJar, its free and lots of fun!


Cut the Rope Free