[Price Update] Vizio to release 8-inch tablet VTab1008 in July – only $349!

[Price Update] Vizio taking pre-orders for Vizio Tablet, price starting from $379.
Vizio is cutting Android tablet prices with the launch this summer of its new tablet – VTab1008.

This 8-inch tablet is scheduled to launch in July and retail for $349 in the US.
But don’t get fooled by the low price, this Vizio tablet has all the features any respectable tablet should have. For instance, running on a 1GHz processor with 2GB built-in storage, this Android tablet will have a built-in infrared controller. This controller will allow the Android Vizio tablet to control televisions, Blue-ray players and more from any manufacturer.
Aside from this extra, the Vizio VTab1008 will come with the standard front camera, microSD slot and three stereo speakers outputting sound in portrait or landscape orientations.

The Vizio Tablet will come with the VIA Plus interface. The VIZIO Internet Apps Plus Interface (“V.I.A. Plus”) is a Vizio interface used for multimedia devices such as tablets, cell phones and the upcoming Google TV.
Vizio want to unify different devices into a single interface to help users experience.

With a price like this, Vizio is definitely going to attract new customers. I will definitely have a serious a look at it, just hoping that it will come at least with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and even better if it is Android 3.2 Honeycomb tailored for 7-inch tablets.

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