T-mobile HTC myTouch 4G Slide coming this summer

T-Mobile is preparing the first dual-core slider phone with the myTouch 4G Slide.

The myTouch 4G Slide or HTC Doubleshot, will run anything from Android 2.3 to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. All we can confirm is that it will have HTC Sense 3.0 User Interface.

Picture from tmonews.com

This smartphone will feature a 3.8-inch touchscreen, just like the myTouch 4G. It will have a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard and an 8-megapixel camera. The camera will have a dual-LED flash. Note that due to the addition of the slide-out keyboard, the myTouch 4G Slide will be a little heavier than the myTouch 4G.

T-mobile should release this phone around mid-July this summer.


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