Sony Ericsson to enable NFC on next gen Xperia handsets

NFC is coming soon. Google announced last month the introduction of the Google Wallet in partnership with Mastercard, Citigroup, First Data and Sprint.
Besides Samsung with the Nexus S and the Galaxy S2 (Korean version), not many other manufacturers have announced plans to include NFC on their device.


NXP Semiconductors has just announced that Sony Ericsson plans to add NXP NFC chips to its Android Xperia smartphones. The selected chip is the PN65 NFC chip which includes a NFC radio controller, software as well as the embedded secure element.
With the NFC chip in place, users will be able to use their Android device as an electronic wallet, paying via their phone and get store promotion and targeted ads directly onto their device.

NXP semiconductors is the same company that is producing NFC chips for the Google’s Samsung Nexus S smartphone.