No physical buttons on Google’s Nexus 4G

Here we go again, Boy Genius Report has apparently been tipped regarding the upcoming Google Nexus device.

The device is not the same as the one shown from TechHog, it does however have one similarity, the lack of physical buttons.
In the picture below from BGR, you can see a large smartphone, with a screen size of at least 4-inch.

Google-Nexus-4G Credit:

The Google Nexus 4G as its being nicknamed, will run a dual-core 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz CPU. It won’t run NVIDIA latest four-core processor the NVIDIA Kal-El.
What it will have is Google’s latest operating system, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It will probably be one of the first device to run the Ice Cream Sandwich OS when it gets released in November around Thanksgiving. At least the release date of the Nexus 4G seems to match with the release date of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

The Google Nexus 4G will have 1GB of RAM and will be 4G LTE-ready. With this device, you’ll be able to play and record 1080p HD videos. Don’t forget the dual-camera, one 1-megapixel in the front, and one 5-megapixel in the back.

There is no mention regarding the availability of NFC on this phone. I believe that as Google’s flagship device and as one of the first Ice Cream Sandwich device on the market, it is very likely that the Google Nexus 4G will have a NFC chip on the phone. Besides, the current Google phone, Samsung Nexus S has the NFC chip in it, so there’s no reason why the Google Nexus 4G won’t.

Just wondering who will actually produce the phone, HTC? Samsung? Motorola? Any ideas anyone?


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