Dell to launch 10-inch Android Streak Pro tablet in China first.

Dell is setting to launch its first 10-inch Android tablet – the Dell Streak 10 Pro.

This 10-inch tablet will run Android 3.x Honeycomb and have an Nvidia Tegra dual-core processor. It will also have dual-cameras, one front and one rear facing camera. Many accessories such as a docking station will be available. The docking station will have USB ports, HDMI ports making the tablet a multimedia center.


In a blog post from the Dell webpage, Amit Midha – Dell President of China and South Asia announced that the Dell Streak 10 Pro will first be released in China. That’s right, Chinese will first get the 10-inch Dell Android tablet. Not the US. The decision comes from a marketing point of view, the Chinese market is not as saturated as the US one is and the Chinese market base is huge.

Dell is claiming that the US market is not ready for another 10-inch tablet, especially with the many other Android tablets from Samsung to HTC to Apple’s Ipad. Dell prefers to test the water in China first where the market is huge. It will then probably market the tablet in the US later next year.

“China is the largest in the emerging market category and the second fastest-growing in the emerging market category. And China is also our second largest market right after the U.S.,” said Amit Midha.

The Chinese market is huge and Dell already has 10,000 stores selling Dell products in China. The US market is a bit more complicated with all the different US carriers and restrictions.

So Dell is looking at China to market its next Android tablet. After all, if only 1% of the chinese population adopts a Dell, that’s already 10 million units.


Dell Streak 10 Pro Coming to China