US Samsung Galaxy S2 to be released in July

Samsung Galaxy S2. Everybody wants it, and its already available worldwide, from Korea, to the U.K, to Australia, to Europe, to Taiwan everywhere, except for one huge untapped market the US.

That’s right, even thought its already a million selling device, the Samsung Galaxy S2 hasn’t reached the US yet. But don’t worry, eventhough no carrier has released a formal date, several reports are suggesting the month of July.

This 1.2GHz dual-core processor featuring a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen have been highly praised by reviewers everywhere. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is Apple’s Iphone 4 best competitor on the market. Even better, as long as the new Iphone 5 is not out yet, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is THE phone to have.

US carriers will sell the Samsung Galaxy S2 under different names. For example, AT&T will call it the Samsung Galaxy S2 Attain, Sprint will call it the Samsung Galaxy S2 Within and Verizon will call it the Samsung Galaxy S2 Function.

Note that T-mobile is the only major US carrier that hasn’t confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S2. The previous Samsung Galaxy S sold over 14 million units last year, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is already selling by millions, so I doubt that T-mobile will pass on such a great phone.

Many reports state that the phone should be released in July. I speculate that it will be out for Independence Day. After all, holidays are great for introducing new products aren’t they?

Aside from the release date, one option on the Samsung Galaxy S2 remains uncertain, NFC. So far, only the Korean version has the NFC chip. Is Google’s announcement last month regarding Google wallet phone going to push Samsung to introduce NFC on the US version of the Galaxy? Hopefully so, but for now lets just start by waiting for an official release date first.

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