Sprint to release HTC Evo 3D phone and HTC Evo View 4G tablet

Sprint just issued a press release regarding the release of two HTC’s devices, the HTC Evo 3D smartphone and the HTC Evo View 4G tablet.

The HTC Evo 3D is a glasses-free 3D smartphone just like the Sharp Aquos SH-12C or the LG G-Slate tablet.
The HTC Evo 3D runs on a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. It features a 4.3-inch qHD display, rendering extremely clear images while low on battery usage. The Evo 3D runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and comes pre-loaded with Spider-Man: Total Mayhem 3D game demo.

htc-evo-3d sprint

In order to achieve 3D, two 5 megapixels can be found on the device, one for 3D and one for normal picture taking. And lets not forget the 1.3 megapixel front camera for video conferences. The HTC Evo 3D can also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, but that’s only if you have the plan for it.
This 4G handset will become available as of June 24th on Sprint’s 4G network. It will be available at the retail cost of $199 with a two year agreement.

In addition to this, Sprint will also release on June 24th, the HTC Evo View 4G, also known as the HTC Flyer.
The HTC Evo View 4G is a 7-inch tablet running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. A future update to Android 3.0 Honeycomb should eventually be available.
This 1.5 GHz tablet is overlayed by HTC’s HTC Sense UI and comes as a promotion with the Scribe digital pen for free.
You can use this pen on the 7-inch capacitive screen to take notes or draw. The regular retail price of the pen is $80. The HTC Evo View 4G can serve as a mobile hotspot if you have the right data/ tethering plan.


The HTC Evo View 4G will be available on Sprint for $399.99 with the digital pen with a two-year contract. You can buy it without a contract anywhere else for $799.99. Prepare to add an extra $80 if you want the digital pen. Kind of expensive for a single core Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet imho.