Stream movies from your Samsung Galaxy S2 onto your big screen TV

Samsung is introducing an app that allows you to watch TV on your mobile device and vice-versa. The Smart View app also lets you play your Android games from your phone onto your big TV screen.

This app is similar in functionality to Apple’s app that lets you connect your iPhone/iPod to Apple TV and watch content on either one of those device.

The Smart View from Samsung can stream media content directly from your TV screen onto your mobile device. The application supports for the moment Samsung Smart TV models. You will need to have a Wi-Fi network setup or a Samsung Wireless LAN adapter. The Smart View App requires Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher and for now only supports Samsung’s Galaxy S2.


With all this in place, you can now watch your favorite TV show on your Android device from anywhere in your house. Your mobile device can also act as a remote controller for your Smart TV and even your Blu-ray disc player if compatible.

On top of that, ever wanted to play Angry Birds on your big TV screen? Well now you can, with the Smart View app, you can now transpose your favorite game from your handset onto your TV. Your Android handset will then act as a remote game controller. Use your handset as if you were playing on your phone, tap it, tilt it, move it…

For the moment, the Smart View apps only works for the Samsung Galaxy S2, but Samsung is working on it to support other Galaxy products Such as the Samsung Galaxy S and the Galaxy Tab.

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