Google’s Nexus 3 leak is fake!

After all the hype created by the possible leak of Google’s flagship device Nexus 3, TechHog is officially putting an end to all this. That’s right, as most people guessed it, the picture is fake and the device could actually be an HTC device.

TechHog did a great job in tracking down the mysterious device and restoring their credibility. Props to them in being open from the start about the shady picture and the possibility of dealing with a hoax.

In the meantime, the device is still unidentified, but it looks very much like an HTC prototype or something like that. I think its just a modified picture , take a look at what I did below.

Google fake_nexus_s3

I am definitely not the most skilled in retouching pictures, but you can easily create a smartphone with no buttons with the right software and skills. So until we get more solid evidence, this case is close. No Google Nexus 3 for now.

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