No NFC for Samsung Galaxy S2 in Australia

For those expecting NFC chip functionality on their Samsung Galaxy S2 in Australia, better luck next time. Samsung just issued a statement stating the release of the Australian Samsung Galaxy S2 to not include an NFC chip.

Australia, alongside European countries such as UK and France are among the ones not getting the NFC as part of their Samsung Galaxy S2.
The Samsung Galaxy S2 is available in two versions, one with NFC chip, one without. So far, the only country to have received the Samsung Galaxy S2 with an NFC chip is Korea.
No one knows if the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 will incorporate the famous NFC chip mainly used for mobile payments. If the trend remains the same, the US probably won’t have the NFC version of the Galaxy.

Samsung claims that they are studying the market and they believe the Australian market isn’t mature enough for an NFC device. They will release a NFC device in the future when they deem it appropriate. I guess in this case, not many countries will receive the NFC version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Probably just Korea.

This is such a shame though, introducing NFC into the global market would have been a good boost for NFC, since Samsung is such an influential handset manufacturer especially with its Galaxy product line.
Apple will probably give it a try with its next generation Iphone, the Iphone 5.