Free Samsung Galaxy S2 on select Vodafone UK plans


One of the most anticipated handset of the summer, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is currently available on Vodafone UK.
The dual-core 4.3-inch touchscreen Super AMOLED Plus is actually available for free on select Vodafone plans.
Have a look at the available plans below from Vodafone, in two of the plans you actually get the phone for free.

The Vodafone plans are very competitive and make a high end phone affordable for anyone to buy. On top of that, place your order before June 30 and get a free Pirates of the Caribbean boxset.

Note that the Samsung Galaxy S2 offered by Vodafone UK does not seem to incorporate an NFC chip. At least the specification on the Vodafone website do not show it. The NFC functionality is rumored to be available in Korea, maybe US and Australia.

UPDATE: No NFC for Samsung Galaxy S2 in Australia

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