Samsung Galaxy S2 launch in UK and Australia. TBD in the US.

Samsung is ready to launch the Samsung Galaxy S2 in Australia on May 26 The Galaxy S2 should be available across all Australian networks including Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.
No price has been released yet, but this should be revealed on May 26. Stockwise, one can realistically expect to get their hands on one only around mid-june, as the pre-orders for this phone have been amazing.


In the US, the Samsung Galaxy should be released in the very near future. No official release have been made by Samsung nor any carriers. The only information we have comes from accessories store Wireless Xcessories Group which is selling protection case for the Galaxy S2.

AT&T Samsung Attain-  Sprint Samsung Within-  Verizon Samsung Function

In the product description we can see that each one of the US carrier will rename the Galaxy S2 to another name. For instance, AT&T will call it the Samsung Attain, Sprint the Samsung Within and Verizon the Samsung Function. Note the absence of T-Mobile in the description. Could T-Mobile turns its eyes from the Galaxy S2?
Hard to say, as the Samsung Galaxy S2 is really a great phone.

The Galaxy S2 features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display and features dual-core processors, dual-cameras and anything else you can imagine. Furthermore, the S2 will run on Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread along with Samsung’s UI TouchWiz 4.0.
On top of all this, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will come with an integrated Near Field Communications (NFC) chip. This will allow users to pay with their phone as a credit card when making a purchase.

Note that two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 exists, one with the NFC chip and one without. Europe is getting the version without the NFC chip, Korea will have the version with the NFC chip; as for US and Australia, this is to be determined.

In the UK, Amazon has started taking pre-orders for the phone which is expected to launch May 21st. The price? £509.99 (USD 825$), now that’s expensive, but the Galaxy S2 sure is an excellent phone.

UPDATE: No NFC for Samsung Galaxy S2 in Australia

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